Osprey photo­graphing

The Lammintupa fish tanks have been in operation since the late 60s. The ospreys have had free access to the tanks, and so they have grown used to the place and people’s presence. Ospreys arrive in mid-April when the lakes are still frozen. The fish tanks mean a certain catch for the birds.

There are two photographing seasons. The first season begins as the ospreys arrive in spring, and the second starts in mid-July, when their young need feeding. During the active period, there are 4-5 birds fishing at the tanks every day. The distance to the birds from the viewing cabins is about 10-30 m, sometimes even less than 10 m.

There are several viewing cabins, so you can change places or cabins if necessary. Some of the cabins are movable, and you have an opportunity to choose the best location or background for your shots.

Active photographing seasons from 20 Apr to 15 May and from 15 Jul to 10 ?

Price €140 per person/12 h

Photography times from morning or early morning till evening, or from evening till morning. 

Book a slot for yourself to photograph these mighty birds!


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