Christmas season meals and programmes 

Christmas Dinner

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Welcome to enjoy a traditional Christmas dinner in the middle of winter nature.

Celebrate Christmas

in the snowy wonderland at Lammintupa!

Have a simple Christmas meal with rice porridge, ham and Kuusamo flatbread, or choose a traditional Finnish Christmas menu, or an abundant Lappish buffet. Or, for instance, learn how to make sushi.

Add to the winter fun with our outdoor activities, such as reindeer or husky rides, or set up a competition at our new ice karting track and find out who is the fastest driver on slippery ice.


The price will be determined by group size, and the meal and activities you select!


Lammintuvantie 9
93830 Rukatunturi

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+358 40 755 4723
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Opening Hours

Cafe and activities closed summer time at Ruka. 

Bear whatching at Lämsänkylä  with advance reservation

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